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Happy Heads was born from a need to deal with the very frustrating and unpleasant situation of head lice - as any parent who has had to tackle these creatures will know only too well! We believe these infestations can be tackled, managed and overcome with the best head lice busting team and the best head lice busting techniques!

Not only have we imported the best head lice busting technology available on the market from the USA and Europe but we have also travelled far in our search to understand the best techniques to eliminate head lice infestations. We travelled to Florida, USA to be personally trained and certified by The Shepherd Institute and are the only business in Spain certified in the Shepherd Method of Strand by Strand NIt Removal.

Our Happy Heads centre is a happy place for children and parents, a place where customer service is paramount and where children are taken care of personally by a member of our happy heads team, entertained with favourite cartoons, games and movies while we take care of the head lice problem for you! Don’t forget we offer kids haircuts if needed as well as dealing with your head lice situation! For those who are hanging out we have a great area for kids to play or catch up on homework while all parents are welcome to relax, read the newspaper, use an iPad or simply have a coffee in our waiting area!

Happy Heads will:

  • Remove the stress of dealing with head lice
  • Guarantee to eliminate current infestation
  • Provide an effective alternative to chemical treatments
  • Save you time and money
  • Take great care of your children and of you!


Happy Heads is our answer to an everyday but incredibly frustrating problem that faces all parents! We provide a winning combination of personal experience, fabulous customer service and a true desire to eliminate head lice wherever we can!!

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    Emma Bryan Director

    Not only a busy mum of four Emma brings many years experience in the service sector in the USA and the UK as well being as joint founder and owner of an already successful and established business in Barcelona.

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    Eli Bryan Director

    Eli has twenty years corporate operational experience focussed on delivering world class service with global bluechip companies. This experience will ensure these same standards apply to all Happy Heads customers and families!

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    Happy Heads Team

    Our hand picked Happy Heads team believe their mission is to totally eliminate head lice, they will not stop until all are gone! They passionately believe in great customer service and will take fabulous care of you and your children at every step of the journey!