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19€ 9€

At Happy Heads we will examine your children’s heads (or indeed yours!) to see if there are head lice present. Should there be no need for further treatment this visit would normally cost 19€ but is currently 9€ for all!!!! (*) Ask us about our monthly offer!! (*)
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If we find head lice our Happy Heads treatment will tackle the problem with a combination of hoovering, combing and strand by strand nit removal. This treatment incorporates the Shepherd method and costs 49€. (*)
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At Happy Heads we strongly recommend that all our customers come back after 7-10 days for our Follow Up treatment which allows us to fully check that no lice are present and so fully guarantee our treatment, cost is 19€.
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At Happy Heads we aim to provide a great all round experience and we are delighted to offer our Haircut service, we employ fully qualified Hairdressers who are also available by appointment. Our haircuts start at 8€ and furthere details can be requested on 932502682.
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(*) If an infestation is deemed to be severe more than one treatment may be needed and the cost of the final treatment may vary.

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Happy Heads hairdressers

We want to offer the total Happy Heads experience for your family and we are delighted to have fully qualified Hairdressers working in our Happy Heads centre. We offer kids haircuts and trims by appointment, prices start from 8€.

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School visits

Prevention and education are key to our mission to eliminate head lice and we are pleased to offer schools the opportunity to have a Happy Heads talk free of charge. Please contact us on for full details.