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Treatment & Guarantee

Treatments Eliminating the Enemy

Don't panic, you are not alone, we are here to help. The first time you discover that there is a headlice problem can be quite disconcerting. You are not the first and unfortunately you will not be the last family to deal with this problem. That is why we are here, let us help you... let us give you HAPPY HEADS!!!


To determine whether head lice are present our Happy Heads team will thoroughly and meticulously examine your child’s head, or yours! by dividing the hair into sections and through using magnifying glasses determine whether or not there are head lice and/or nits present. Given that almost half of people infested with head lice do not scratch or itch this inspection is vital, especially where an infestation already exists in the family or in the classroom! We recommend all family members are inspected to ensure we get rid of all head lice!

The length of the inspection is approximately 15 minutes, this can vary depending on length and thickness of hair.

Happy Heads Treatment

This treatment has three separate steps in order to eliminate the head lice.

First we apply our non toxic product, then comb and part the hair into small neat sections in order to ‘hoover’ each area. This step should eliminate the majority of the live head lice and nits.

The second step is to revisit each section of hair and by using a nit comb, strong lighting and magnifying glasses we will remove any remaining lice and even more nits.

The third and final step of the Happy Heads Treatment is a manual, Shepherd Strand by Strand NIt Removal process to ensure any remaining nits are removed therefore leaving the hair nit free!

Follow Up

Our Happy Heads Guarantee is total elimination of your current head lice and nit infestation!! In order to guarantee a nit free Happy Head we ask all our Happy Heads customers to return for a follow up visit 7-10 days after the initial treatment. This allows our Happy Heads team to do a further meticulous inspection of the hair and in the unlikely event ensure total removal of any remaining nymphs or nits!